Duane and Julia Martin Missionaries to Mexico

Meet the Martin's

Greetings Friends.

My family and I would like to thank you for your interest in our ministry.  Julia and I are fully appointed missionaries with the Assemblies of God.  Our heart is to see God reach the lost people of Central Mexico.  Our focus is planting new churches and working with the children in an area that has been labeled the "Heart of Darkness!"  There are six different states in the central part of Mexico that have less than 2% evangelizal Christians in these areas. One of these states, Queretaro, has less than 0.25%.  Partnering with the national church in Mexico, we hope to bring the Light of Jesus Chirst into these Heart of Darkness. 

Arrived in Mexico!

We arrived in Mexico in April and hit the ground running.  We flew in on a Tuesday to Mexico City, picked up Speed the Light car and drove to Queretaro on Wednesday.  We no more than pulled into town and I was asked to speak at a leadership training session on Thursday and asked to preach in a church on the following Sunday.  We were able to locate a home for us to rent and find all the furniture in less than a week.  That was a God thing!  We had our meeting with the leadership of the Bajio Region who asked us to help in all the churches of the Bajio become more healthy.  This area needs pastors and the only way that is going to happen is for people to hear the call of God.  This means that we will be traveling every weekend and preaching in the churches in three different states.  So, we are considered the evangelist of the Bajio Region. 

Look what God is doing!

Since arriving in April of 2014 we have already seen some powerful moves of God.  We have been preaching in the churches of the Bajio almost every weekend.  We have seen over 2600 people respond to altar calls for repentance.  Then at the end of every service we pray for the sick.  The healing power of God is flowing like a river.  In every service we have seen some powerful healings.  This has helped to keep our calendar filled. 


Contact information

U.S. Mailing Address: 1000 N. Grand Ave. Waxahachie, TX 75165 Phone: 214-227-9854 give us a call.  duane.juliamartin@gmail.com or on Facebook at Duane Martin